Symposia Organized

Hartmann, R. M. & McElvany, N. (2013). Current insights into school related motivation in diverse student populations. Symposium at the EARLI Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction, 27–31 August in Munich.

Hartmann, R. M. & McElvany, N. (2013). Bedingungsfaktoren schulischer Leistung im Kon­text von Heterogenität [Determinants of school achievement in the context of heterogeneity]. Symposium at the Annual Conference of the Gesellschaft für Empirische Bildungs­forschung (GEBF), 11–13 March in Kiel.

Hartmann, R. M. & McElvany, N. (2012). Family background, parental engagement and stu­dent motivation and achievement. Symposium at the Annual Meeting of the American Educa­tional Research Association (AERA), 13–17 April in Vancouver, Canada.