Psychotherapy for children, adolescents and young adults

I offer diagnostics and psychotherapy for children, adolescents und young adults (ages 0-21).

Parent guidance and coaching

Do you have general or specific questions about raising your child, often feel unsure how to respond to your child’s behavior, or would you like advice on how to promote development? Why don’t you come to my office for an initial session? 

Guidance for international students and their parents

You have moved from abroad or are planning to leave Germany in the foreseeable future and are worried about how your child is handling the changes or you just want a few suggestions on how you can make the changes easier for your family? A (temporary) relocation to another country requires a high degree of adaptation from all parties involved. Why don’t you come to my office for an initial session? 

Guidance babies and toddlers

Do you feel overwhelmed with your baby or toddler (0-5 years), have questions about early childhood development or would you like just a few suggestions to make everyday life with your child more pleasant and fulfilling for everyone involved? Maybe it’s hard to calm your baby down, your toddler has a striking number of tantrums, or the sleeping situation feels like an unmitigated disaster to you right now? Why don’t you come to my office for an initial session?

Sleeping problems

Does your baby, toddler or schoolchild have difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through the night, and you or your child suffer as a result? Why don’t you come to my office for some advice? If it turns out that your child has a sleep disorder, psychotherapy is of course also a possibility.


Your child has very selective eating behavior, you are worried about his development due to his eating behavior, and/or there are regular conflicts during meals? Why don’t you come to my office for some advice? 

Fear of dogs

A severe fear of dogs can be a serious burden in everyday life. Encounters with dogs can often not be avoided. During consultation or therapy. I support you or your child in overcoming your fear of dogs.

Relaxation courses

You experience job-related or private stress? You simply wish to relax and at the same time improve your psychological and physical well-being? In my relaxation classes I follow a holistic approach and introduce you slowly and with care to the relaxation technique of your choice. I attach special importance to a pleasant atmosphere and open up a room for relaxation, practice and exchange for my course participants.